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Tinovel is comprised of many interesting stories
such as romance, CEO, sci-fi, werewolf, fantasy, vampire, etc. . Its
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Tinovell brings together the most talented writers to help them develop, earn a steady income, and have the best writing experience.

  • Writers on non-exclusive contracts will receivea licence fee.
  • Writers who sign exclusive contracts will receive a one-time signing bonus and licensing fee.
  • Professional editors contact you one-on-one to help you create stories.

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Tinovel is an amazing reading platform. We believe that everyone has a story, Tinovel connects the story and your world.

Tinovel will sweep you away into the fantasy you’ve been looking for. You can discover addictive novels such as Romance stories, Billionnaires, My Domineering CEO ,Werewolves and so on.

Let me begin the story journey together!

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